The Norwegian Climate Change Adaptation Portal

The Norwegian portal for climate change adaptation (CCA) is intended to support the society in Norway in preparing for the consequences of climate change. The portal offers comprehensive information about ongoing work on climate change adaptation in Norway, lessons learned and relevant research, developments and publications.

Stor rød brygge i havet. Springflo, høyvann. Gangbro av tre leder til hvit dør. Symmetri, speiling i sjø. Eidkjosen, Kvaløya ved Tromsø. Foto: © Bjørn Jørgensen / NN / Samfoto Kjøpt fra Scanpix

As of 1 January 2014 the Norwegian Environment Agency assists the Ministry of the Environment in CCA matters and is responsible for maintaining and developing The first White Paper on CCA was adopted by Stortinget (The Norwegian Parliament) in 2013, outlining national policies and guidance for adaptation in Norway. The White Paper represents the Norwegian national strategy for CCA.                                                                                                                                                         The major target group for the Norwegian Climate Adaptation web portal, re-launched on 2 May 2016, is planners and decisions makers in Norway. The portal provide knowledge, guidance and sharing of experiences of climate change adaptation. An example database has been developed including various example on how to work on climate change adaptation (CCA) particularly on local and regional level, for example how to consider CCA in planning processes and on how to carry out specific CCA measures like green/blue solutions .                                                                                                                        is a climate adaptation guide in itself. The portal highlights why and how CCA is relevant in planning process and for various sectors. The content has been developed in close dialogue with sectoral governments and the portal actively links external sources . Furthermore, the new portal is also closely connected to the Norwegian Climate Service Center's web-portal where past, present and future climate data are available. is not the one-stop-shop for CCA information and guidance, but rather a guide to relevant information or guidance materials outside of the portal.
Climate in Norway 2100, NCCS report no. 1/2017 – a knowledge base for climate adaptation. Faksimile forside.

Climate in Norway 2100 NCCS report no. 1/2017 – a knowledge base for climate adaptation

This report is a condensed English version of the Norwegian report “Klima i Norge 2100”, published in 2015 to provide an updated scientific basis for climate adaptation in Norway. The focus is on future climate, but the causes of climate change and variability, as well as the development of the climate in Norway since the last glaciation, and particularly during the instrumental age, are briefly described. Projected climate change through the 21st century is described under various assumptions for future emissions of greenhouse gases. Most of the estimates are based on global climate projections from the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC. Emphasis is placed on changes up to the middle and end of the 21st century. Climate projections are influenced by uncertainties, and this topic is thoroughly discussed in the report.